Take a look at the below singles Mike Little has been a part of. He has played on singles that total over 30 Million Streams Worldwide!

George Canyon

  • Ring Of Fire
  • Rhinestone Cowboy
  • Pancho and Lefty
  • Just Like You
  • All Or Nothing
  • Pretty Drunk Out Tonight
  • I Believe in Angels
  • Let It Out
  • Better Be Home Soon
  • Sunshine
  • Perfect Christmas Day
  • Surrender
  • Saddle Up
  • Slow Dance
  • Home For Christmas
  • Crazy Love
  • I Got This
  • Daughters Of The Sun
  • More You
  • Better Off In Love
  • Bring It On
  • Speed Of Life

The Grapes Of Wrath

  • Good To See You

Joe Nolan

  • Music In The Streets
  • Dead Ends And Damaged Hearts
  • Looking For Your Heart

Jetty Road

  • Wrong (#2 In Australia)
  • Serves You Right (#1 in Australia)
  • Sweet Goodbye (#1 in Australia)
  • What We Did Last Night (#1 in Australia)

The Hello Darlins

  • Still Waters
  • Catch That Train
  • Aberdeen
  • Prayer For A Sparrow
  • Do You Hear What I Hear
  • Go By Feel

Charlie Major

  •  All Of Your Love
  • Shine
  • It Can’t Happen To Me

Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion

  • Holy Smoke
  • Bloody Bill
  • Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion
  • Wolves At The Door
  • Stillhouse Blues
  • Appalachian Entrepreneur

The Roadhammers

  • Mud
  • Detroit Alison

The Washboard Union

  • Head Over Heels

Chad Brownlee

  • Fallin’ Over You
  • Just Because
  • When The Lights Go Down

Brian Doerkson

  • Micah Six Eight
  • Grateful For Another Day
  • On That Sunday Morning
  • If Jesus Is The Face Of God

Jason McCoy And Colin James

  • Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

Wes Mack 

  • Best Hangover
  • Never Have I Ever


Mike Little has co-written the following songs! 


The Roadhammers

  • Detroit Allison

Jetty Road

  • Wrong


The Hello Darlins

  •  Still Waters
  • Catch That Train
  • Aberdeen
  • Prayer For  A Sparrow
  • One More Christmas
  • Heart In The Snow

George Canyon

  • Never Miss Your Water
  • Crawfish Crawl
  • Perfect Christmas Day
  • A Soldiers Christmas
  • Christmas Harbour Town




Mike Little is my go to guy for keyboard sessions.  Whether it be Hammond B3, piano or accordion Mikes natural abilities and taste are always on the mark.
In my capacity as an artist and a producer I can’t think of anyone else who can cover the wide range of musical styles with the professional aplomb of this great musician.

Greg Godovitz

Not only is Mike a great player, but he has the killer Hammond B3 sound down. I’ve worked with a lot of organ players in my day, especially in the early R’n’B years (yes, the 60’s) and Mike is the real deal. No midi, just magic. Dynamic, soulful, and tasty – soloing or comping.

And, he plays a mean ELECTRIC accordion as well!

Paul Dean / Loverboy


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